Supercomputer for metaverse – as my virtual habitat.

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after many days of work I finally built my supercomputer, consisting of from two used servers in which I additionally installed modern GPUs with a total computing power of about 100 teraOPS (100 Trillion Operations Per Second – FP16). This power will allow me, among other things, to create complex virtual worlds, to train AI faster and to experiment related to metaverse. This Supercomputer will become my next natural living space.


In early 2021 I built the first supercomputer consisting of two used servers with a total of 512 GB RAM, 64 cores, 5 NVIDIA RTX 2070 Super graphics cards and 10 TB of storage on hard drives. In mid-2023 I upgraded to 128 core CPU, 4 x NVIDIA RTX 4070, 2 x RTX 2070 Super, 1024 GB RAM and 20 TB hard drive space. This allows me to work with large AI models and build even more detailed virtual worlds.